Oaxaca's Dinner Menu

All entrees are served with refried beans and cilantro jalapeño rice, except where noted
  • Apertivos

  • Housemade Chips & Salsa

    • $4.95


  • Grilled Arizona Cactus with Romesco Sauce

    • $8.95

      Marinated & grilled nopales cactus pad served with a zesty sauce of roasted tomato, red peppers, chile peppers & almonds

  • Guacamole with Housemade Chips

    • $9.75
  • Espinaca con Queso

    • $11.25

    A flavorful blend of spinach, onions, tomatoes & jalapeño cheese, served with housemade chips

  • Folded Quesadilla

    • $15.25

    Flour tortilla stuffed with cheese & choice of shredded chicken or beef, pork adobo or grilled vegetables

  • Carlita Quesadilla

    • $15.25
    • with Grilled Chicken $17.95

    Whole wheat tortilla with mushrooms, spinach, capers & cheese, served with salsa

  • Macho Nachos

    • $12.25
    • with shredded chicken or beef $15.75

     Housemade tortilla chips, piled high with cheese, chiles, beans, tomatoes, scallions, sour cream & guacamole

  • Chicken Strippers

    • $12.95

    Chicken breast, lightly fried, served with Dijon honey mustard or ranch dressing

  • Chorizo Fundido

    • $12.95

    Chorizo with mushrooms & melted cheese, served with housemade chips

  • Ensaladas

  • Oaxaca Chopped Cobb Salad

    • $17.95

     Bacon, corn salsa, pickled red onions, queso fresco, turkey breast and dried cranberries served on a bed of field greens

  • Red Rock Salad

    • $15.25
    • add grilled chicken or salmon $19.50

     Field greens, feta cheese, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette

  • Taco Salad

    • $15.75

    Crisp flour tortilla shell filled with choice of shredded beef, chicken or pork adobo, cheese, shredded lettuce, scallions & tomato wedges, topped with guacamole & sour cream

  • Sedona Caesar Salad

    • $15.25
    • add grilled chicken, salmon or shrimp $18.95

     Romaine lettuce tossed in a traditional Caesar dressing, garnished with shaved Parmesan, tortilla strips & roasted pumpkin seeds

  • Hamburguesas

    One third of a pound, charbroiled, served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion on a roll with seasoned fries

  • Hamburger and Seasoned Fries

    • $13.95
    • add bacon , cheese, mushroom or avocado $1.75 each
  • On the Smaller Side

    Served with Salad

    Substitute Sedona Caesar’s Salad Add 3.25

  • Black Bean Soup

    • $13.95
  • Southwest Chili

    • $15.25

     Garnished with cheese

  • Oaxaca Posole

    • $16.25

      A New Mexican & Native American stew flavored with chicken, red & green peppers, onions, herbs & spices

  • Fajitas

    Sauteéd with bell peppers, mushrooms, onions & tomatoes, served with guacamole, sour cream & flour tortillas

  • Steak Tips, Shrimp or Chicken

    • $23.50

    Also available as any combination of two. For those wishing to share, you will receive a plate of rice, refried beans, tortillas, sour cream and guacamole 

  • Fiesta Vegetable Fajita

    • $18.95
  • Tacos

  • Oaxaca Tacos

    • $16.25

    Two crispy taco shells filled with choice of ground beef, shredded beef, chicken or pork adobo, lettuce, tomato, and cheese.  

     Soft tacos available on request.

  • Soft Fish Tacos or Grilled Shrinp

    • $16.25

    Two soft taco shells filled with herb crusted fish filets or grilled shrimp, shredded cabbage, salsa fresca, avocado jalapeño crema and queso manchego.   

     Grilled Shrimp soft tacos available on request

  • Cactus Tacos

    • $16.25

    Two crispy taco shells filled with seasoned nopales cactus, pico de gallo, shredded cabbage & cilantro, served with avocado jalapeño crema & cotija cheese.

    Request no crema and cheese

     Soft tacos available on request.

  • Mexican Specialties

     All Mexican Specialties available with black beans………1.95
    with whole wheat tortillas………………………………………….. .95

  • Red Rock Enchilada

    • $16.25
    • add blue corn tortilla or with egg on top $19.50

    An overstuffed cheese enchilada, filled with avocado slices & sour cream, covered with enchilada sauce & melted cheese

  • Espinaca Enchiladas

    • $16.75

    Two blue corn tortillas stuffed with spinach, mushrooms & cotija cheese, covered with enchilada & espinaca sauces

  • Enchilada Platter

    • $16.75
    • choice of chicken, beef, pork adobo, vegetables, blue corn tortillas or egg on top $20.00

    Two yellow corn tortillas rolled with cheese, covered with enchilada sauce & cheese

  • Pork Chile Verde

    • $17.75
    • add an egg on top $21.00

     Roasted pork simmered with  cilantro, lime, and tomatillos, served with corn tortillas

  • Southwest Flautas

    • $16.75

    Shredded beef or shredded chicken with cilantro & chiles, rolled in corn tortillas, served crispy with guacamole & sour cream

  • Oaxaca Burro

    • $15.75

     Black beans, rice, avocado, tomato & onion, served with corn salsa, and your choice of green or enchilada sauce & crema

    VG Request no enchilada sauce and crema

  • Chimichanga

    • $17.95

    A crispy burrito filled with choice of shredded beef, pork adobo or chicken, covered with a mild green chile sauce & melted cheese, served with sour cream & guacamole

  • Chile Relleno

    • $17.50

    An oversized poblano chile hand stuffed with cheddar  & jack cheese, lightly battered & fried, covered with Spanish sauce

  • Oaxaca Combo

    • Any two $17.25
    • Any three $20.50

    Your choice of a flauta, taco, cheese enchilada or bean tostada

  • Oaxaca Mini Sampler Plate for Two

    • Two of each $24.95

    Mini tacos, mini tostadas, mini enchiladas & mini flautas, served with sour cream & guacamole

  • Eggs Oaxaca

    • $16.25

    Housemade shredded beef & a blend of jack & cheddar cheese omelette, covered with green chile sauce, served with a warm tortilla

  • Huevos Rancheros

    • $15.25

     Yellow corn tortillas topped with eggs, cheddar & jack cheese, smothered with Spanish sauce

  • Sopapillas Mexicali

    • $16.25

    Spicy beef chili or pork adobo, shredded cheese, olives  & onions, garnished with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.

  • Tamales

    • $15.95

    Choice of Chile Green Corn or Pork, served with mole

    VG Blue corn vegtable with green sauce

  • Entrees

    All dinners are served with soup or salad, potato del dia, and garden vegetables

    Substitute Sedona Caesar’s Salad … Add  3.25

  • Fiesta Chicken

    • $21.75

    Grilled chicken breast, topped with mole or espinaca sauce

  • Blue Mesa Trout

    • $22.25

    Lightly breaded in blue corn meal, grilled & garnished with cilantro, served with avocado jalapeño crema

     Request olive oil and vinegar dressing.  Please notify server

  • Shrimp Oaxaca

    • $24.50

    Jumbo Shrimp, bathed in a chimichurri sauce

     Request olive oil and vinegar dressing.  Please notify server

  • Para Los Niños

  • Children 12 years or younger

    • $8.75
    • Cheese Enchilada
    • Taco
    • Tostada
    • Junior Hamburger
    • Mexican Cheese Melt (grilled tortilla topped with melted cheddar &  jack cheese)
    • Chicken Strippers
    • Veggie Burger 
    • Bean Burro

    And Choice of:   French Fries, Rice or Beans

    Served with a dish of sherbet

  • Postres Especial

    These Handmade Oaxaca Special Desserts are meant to be shared!

  • Death by Chocolate Cookie Sundae

    • $9.50

    Chocolate chip cookie, served warm, smothered with French vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup & pecans

  • Sopapillas with Mesquite Honey

    • $6.75
  • Housebaked Flan

    • $7.75

     A light egg custard with a hint of caramel, topped with  whipped cream

  • Mexican Sundae

    • $8.50

    Coffee ice cream topped with kahlua, whipped cream & toasted coconut

  • Chocolate Binge

    • $9.50

    Coffee ice cream inside a crispy cinnamon coated flour tortilla, topped with a chocolate & peanut butter sauce, topped with pecans

  • Deep Fried Ice Cream

    • $9.50

    A mound of cinnamon swirl ice cream rolled in corn flakes, covered with a honey & cinnamon glaze, topped with whipped cream

La Cantina

Draft Domestic Mexican Beers Micro brews  C& Non-Alcoholic Beers  • Wines & Liqueurs Cocktails

Soft Drinks Iced Tea Lemonade  •   Margaritas:   Strawberry Peach Banana Coconut Raspberry Prickly Pear

Premium Tequilas & Mezcals  • See Specialized drink menu for complete selection

Dine to your heart’s content!